Getting The Right Supports


Changes to the NDIS mean that you have the power to say how you want to live your life and choose the supports that mean something to you.

But, finding a service that offers you opportunities for fun, learning and personal development can be hard.

Afford is one of the longest serving not-for-profit disability organisations that connects people across the South West region with the right disability supports to help them achieve their personal work and life goals.

Here are some of Afford‘s tips about what to look for when choosing a service to suit your needs:

  • Friendly and Fun: One of the top reasons to choose a service is for new experiences that are fun or support you to find work! Some services offer out-of-hours activities like discos, weekend exercise and fitness activities, outings to music events and more, so choose a service that will help you enjoy your interests with a choice of fun activities in a supportive environment.
  • Support Coordination: Navigating through the changes to the NDIS can be an overwhelming process. Find a service that provides qualified staff that have detailed knowledge of the NDIS to provide expert support coordination to get your NDIS Plan working for you. Support Coordinators can provide advice on disability supports to suit your needs, behavioural therapies and access to one-on-one supports if required.
  • Choice of Supports: Finding a service that offers programs and activities that appeal to your interests is important. Some, like Afford, also create new programs based on client interests and strengths. Choose a service that is willing to push the boundaries to make sure you can take part in new experiences and enjoy a fulfilling life.
  • Exceptional Staff: Always look for a service the values it’s staff. It means that your support staff will enjoy coming to work every day and will provide you with exceptional care and support. Afford is an Employer of Choice and rewards its staff for providing exceptional service to clients. Afford staff are renowned for going above and beyond the call of duty and offering 24/7 assistance to make your client needs are always the top priority.
  • Network: You can be sure that your needs will be met if you choose a service that has a solid network of therapists, support coordinators, and various centres to tap into for a range of disability supports. Clients from Afford often visit other Afford Lifestyle Centres around Sydney to socialise with others, or take part in programs offered at a particular Centre.
  • Carer’s Support: Your carers plays a very important role in your health and happiness and it makes sense to find a service that can also offer your carer support and advice. Look for a service that offers a Carer’s Support Program which offers opportunities to socialise with others with similar experiences, forums to discuss the NDIS and respite.

For more information about finding the right disability supports to suit your needs, visit: