Afford Makes Healthy Fun

Afford Makes Healthy Fun

We all need a little nudge now and then to get active and fit, but leading a healthy and happy life is more than just eating well and exercising. Having supportive people around you to help you learn about what makes a healthy lifestyle and ways to make it fun to get into a fitness routine, is going to make the journey to a health and happiness much more successful.

Afford is one of the longest serving not-for-profit disability organisations that connects people across the South West region with the right disability supports to help them achieve their personal work and life goals.

Afford has established two healthy lifestyles programs – Club Afford and Afford Getaways – that aren’t offered by any other disability service organisation.

Club Afford focuses on providing you with opportunities to take part in activities like Zumba, bootcamp and gym sessions to build up strength, but it also offers social opportunities to explore new interests and hobbies such as art or music.

Afford Getaways are supported holidays that give you the chance to enjoy a holiday in a supportive and inclusive environment to create memories that will last a lifetime. You will be supported by your choice of Afford staff and even your loved ones can join the trip to enjoy the holiday. Afford getaways have been organised around the North and South Coasts of NSW, to Tasmania and even to Disneyland in the United States of America!

Here are Afford’s tips to help you lead a more healthy and active lifestyle:

  • Get Into A Routine: Start small and incorporate new activities as you feel more confident. You may join a Zumba class once a week with a mate from work, or visit the shops with a Lifestyle Assistant to learn about choosing healthy meal plans and the pitfalls of snacking. Afford Lifestyle Assistants regularly join clients to attend the shops and support them to think of nutritional meals that can be made easily at home.
  • Take Part In New Activities: Fitness doesn’t always have to be about lifting weights in the gym. Being active and getting out to the park with a walking group or enjoying an outing into the city could be just what you need to get you motivated and energised to making your health and well being a priority.
  • Be Social: One of the best ways to make sure you stick to your new fitness routine is to enjoy these activities with friends. Join a healthy lifestyles group, like Club Afford, where you can meet new people who may have the same interests as you and work towards a healthier life together.

For more information about starting a healthier lifestyle, visit our website.