What Type of Content Will 65% of Your Audience Be More Likely to Recall?

Visual Content


That’s why it’s so important, says ‘visual marketer’ Robert Katai to engage quality designers – those clever people who make stuff look nice and digestible – when creating your visual content. With the NDIS available for people currently receiving supports through State Government specialist disability services, and new participants progressively entering the scheme, there will be far more focus by approved service providers on marketing to residents with a disability. Although not everyone will be eligible for a NDIS plan, everyone with a disability will need easy access to information that will help them choose high quality supports, services and products to improve their quality of life.

Which is why it’s critical to ensure your marketing communications succeed?

It’s a fact that too many marketing communications today lack the right visual and emotional appeal, and so they fail to engage with their prospective customers’ imaginations and needs. Too often, the images, design (and tone of language) in their messaging, don’t hit the essential motivational triggers to inspire potential customers.

Think about Visual Content in this way…

Many marketers still don’t understand the engagement value of quality visual content, even though the evidence of pulling power and brand recall is beyond refute. Unlike producing simple artwork, successful graphic design in marketing campaigns will effectively communicate the client’s brand message and then motivate their target consumers to act. That’s because a designer’s job isn’t to invent something new, but through strong visual content, provide product or service insights, offer a special inducement to visit or attend a seminar, or simply request more information.

As a marketer, you should work with a designer to create visual content that will influence people by touching an emotion, and will make a segment of prospective clients interact with you as a brand. To do this, you need to work with a quality designer and adhere to these five essential tips:

The 4 Most Important Tips for Great Visual Content:

  1. Know less is more, don’t be tempted to use every centimetre of white space. Yes, your content needs space and time to breathe. Your content needs to let your audience consume it, think about it, and interact with it.
  2. Strike a balance between words, pictures and or video. Adding imagery every few paragraphs makes the content feel more engaging.
  3. Stay true to your brand personality and position in the market. Your brand image is the personality that identifies and reflects your position in the market place.
  4. Think about typography. Designers are experts at making text so attractive and easy to read, utilise this.

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