Summer Giddings – South West Expo Ambassador for 2024!

Introducing Summer Giddings, a multitalented individual making waves as a singer-songwriter, para-athlete, and university student majoring in Cybersecurity. Summer has overcome the challenges of cerebral palsy, autism, and limited vision to achieve remarkable success in various aspects of her life.

Summer shares a heartfelt connection through music, regularly performing at corporate, charity, and community events. Her debut single, “Fantasia,” released in 2023, secured first place in the National Campus Music Contest. As a Para Track and Field athlete, Summer boasts national and international competition experience, clinching titles and setting records.

Summer’s remarkable achievements stem from her ability to align her natural interests with the right support systems. Her passion for music, sports, and computers has driven her to triumph over challenges and excel in her pursuits. Now, as the ambassador of the Southwest Sydney Disability Expo, Summer aims to inspire others to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

In her own words, Summer shares, “I’ve faced numerous challenges due to my cerebral palsy and limited vision, but I’ve learned to work around them. Whether it’s through music or athletics, staying positive is key to overcoming obstacles.”

Looking ahead, Summer envisions a future where disability awareness and inclusion are commonplace. “I want attendees to understand that disability doesn’t limit potential; it’s a strength that adds diversity to our society,” she asserts.

When asked about her aspirations post-uni, Summer emphasises her commitment to IT while continuing her pursuits in music and athletics. “While IT pays the bills, my passion projects keep me grounded and social. Staying active is crucial for managing my condition, and I intend to pursue both music and athletics indefinitely.”

At just 21 years old, Summer’s achievements are nothing short of remarkable.

Residing in Wentworth Point, she’s a familiar face in the community, whether scaling Mount Kosciuszko or representing Australia at the World Blind Games for tennis.

With a new album in the works and upcoming athletic competitions, Summer’s journey is one of resilience, determination, and boundless potential. As the Southwest Sydney Disability Expo ambassador, she is poised to inspire and empower individuals of all abilities.