Proudly Australian Made and Owned

Para Mobility

Para Mobility leads the way in Australian Made and manufactured specialised disability products for the home, workplace, transport, leisure or rehabilitation needs to enable Australians to make everyday living easier.

So why is Australian Made important you might ask?

Within the disability sector being Australian Made makes a huge difference as it enables any product to be measured, tailored and manufactured locally, to the specific requirements of customer – and we’re all different!

Proudly Australian Made means that Para Mobility disability products can be built to custom specifications with ease, standard equipment can be tailored, quick access is available for parts or advice and training, as our local teams are all across Australia.

It’s not just the manufactured products that are important, it’s the ability to have local teams available to ensure the installation of disability equipment in aquatic, healthcare, commercial and home environments are to the highest quality.

Para Mobility supplies of a range of assistive technology to allow freedom and independence for Australians with specific lifting, mobility and access requirements to live a more independent life.

Para Mobility General Manager, Sally Farrow, says the company is proud to offer their customers “only the best in Australian Made high quality products and good old-fashioned friendly customer service.”

“Producing Australian Made products and being an Australian owned company, our customers can be sure that they are getting a product that meets Australia’s high level of excellence, with the convenience of being from a company that’s just down the road.”

The Australian Made logo, which is recognised by 99.8% of Australians, is awarded to businesses that meet a set of Australian Consumer Law criterion and codes of practice for goods and products that are grown, made and/or manufactured within Australia.

Para Mobility, which was established in 1983, has always been Australian-based and has long used Australian materials, but only recently applied for an Australian Made licence.

“By having the green and gold Australian Made logo, our customers can know immediately that we provide a product and a service that they can trust to be high quality”, says Farrow.

“Para Mobility knows that with this extra validation of an Australian Made licence, our customers can be sure that they are getting a quality product, whilst helping to keep jobs in Australia.”

“You will see the green and gold Australian Made logo proudly displayed on our product range throughout homes, businesses and public spaces throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we are excited to see our customers reaction.”

Para Mobility is part of DNW Group, who are proud supporters of Disability Sports Australia (DSA) and founding member of the DSA Supporters Club.

To find out more, please contact our friendly Customer Service team on:

Phone: 1300 444 600



Twitter: @ParaMobility