Overcome Your Challenges to Employment?


If you’re living with a disability, you probably already know how difficult it is to find a job.

At APM, we understand the challenge of finding an employer who will give you a chance.

Not to mention the pressure you put on yourself to prove yourself to friends and family before you meet potential managers or colleagues.

But whether you’re living with a physical, intellectual, or injury related disability, if you want to work, we can help.

As Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services, our experienced consultants know how to open doors to your next job.

How we opened doors for Maddy

Joining the Disability Employment Services program, Maddy had a clear goal when she walked into APM – to find a job she could perform well and with a smile on her face.

Maddy and her parents had faced the obstacles of growing up with cerebral palsy, an intellectual disability and epilepsy.

When Maddy left school, she was determined to continue overcoming these challenges when it came to finding a job.

It was Maddy’s determination and dedication to her individual APM job plan that impressed the Marlin Swim School, who offered her a work experience trial.

Off to a great start

With the support of the staff along with her dedicated APM employment consultant Ali, Maddy was able to excel in the role and was soon offered a job with the school.

Now she is joining in children’s swimming classes and training to become a teacher; an achievement that her parents, at one time, hadn’t thought possible.

“A job to me is that I know that I can stand on my own two feet eventually,” Maddy said.

“APM was a big help in achieving my goals to be a teacher.”

Helping Pat go beyond his goals

When Centrelink referred Pat to APM for Disability Employment Services, his positive approach to finding a job made a strong impression.

It was clear Pat was eager to find work in which he could shine.

As part of his personalised job plan with APM employment consultant Shelley, Pat was able to build skills and confidence to approach and talk to potential employers.

It was a meeting with Michael at Warragul Country Club where Pat was finally able to show the strengths of his friendly and approachable personality.

Michael was so impressed that he created a new role just for Pat – helping at the club café during their busiest periods.

Helping Pat succeed

There were a few hurdles at the beginning. Pat sometimes dropped things, but working with his new employer and supported by APM, he was able to overcome the challenges.

In particular, this included sourcing a special tray with extended sides to make it easier for Pat to carry plates, cups and everything else between the café tables. Soon, Pat was making great strides in his work and confidence.

Now he is a popular member of the team. Club members often take time to see him on their regular visits and newcomers are delighted with the warm welcome Pat gives them.

Meanwhile, Pat’s employers couldn’t be happier with the progress he’s made in his role and within the team.

Let us open doors for you

We know that everyone’s challenges are different, but if you’re facing challenges to employment like Maddy and Pat, come and see our team. Let APM help you access the support you need to find a job that works for you.

Speak to us at the South West Disability Expo on Friday and Saturday, 5-6 April, at Whitlam Leisure Centre in Liverpool, visit apm.net.au or call 1800 276 276 for more information.