New Civic Apartments Keeping Families and Pets Together

Civic Apartments

Jerry and Apple are moving in! When Jerry heard that new specialist disability apartments were opening AND that they welcomed pets, he just knew he needed to make the big decision to move out of home.

Jerry has been living with his grandparents but living in his own home has been something he has wanted for some time. The difficulty being, finding a home that provides the support he needs that is also a place Apple can call home too.

Apple is Jerry’s beloved dog, his best mate for eight years since he was a puppy. There is no doubt that Apple is more than just his pet, he is an invaluable companion who knows Jerry back to front and is there with Jerry day and night. We all know how amazing pets can be, but for people with disability, pets like Apple are proven to reduce anxiety, improve mental wellbeing and morale, and bolster self-esteem.

Jerry is one of around 28,000 people across Australia who require Specialist Disability Accommodation. Civic‘s new development is unique because it provides specialist accommodation for those with disability but also enable their family/carers and pets to live with them.

Jerry now has the choice and control of where and with whom he will live, including his friendly dog. His best mate can share his one bedroom apartment and keep the other residents entertained in the common areas. The apartments also have a lovely backyard for Apple to run around in.

Jerry’s dreams of turning his backyard from a blank canvas into a thriving sustainable garden that other residents can enjoy and even use to cook up delicious meals can finally come true. Apple loves to sit by Jerry as he prunes and cares for his beautiful bonsai collection – one of Jerry’s favourite hobbies. He loves growing plants and this comes from a long held passion and experience in horticulture.

Civic are right behind Jerry as he is continues to achieve his goals, make new friends and get to do what he loves most – hang out with his dog and dig around in the garden.

If you have SDA funding and are looking to live in Western Sydney, get in touch as Civic, the experts in finding and matching you with a place you can call home. A limited number of vacancies are still available in this new set of apartments.

If you would like to talk to us in person we will be at South West Disability Expo stand number S2 (just as you walk in) with experts available to discuss your needs.

For more information about Civic or to enquire about supported accommodation you can call 1300MYCIVIC (1300 692 484), email or visit the Civic website.