Helping a Cheerful Gary Achieve His Goals

Skilled Health

Trying to find a new job while dealing with an autism diagnosis can be tough.

Gary is 38 years of age and, diagnosed with autism at a young age, he has always preferred to follow a similar daily routine.

However since engaging Skilled Health, he has developed some new goals: to gain independence with social activities, explore his options outside of the day centre that he attends three days a week, work independently and gain new skills.

Finding fulfilling work has been his primary goal since Gary first started working with his occupational therapist Rebecca. To achieve this, Rebecca canvassed local employers and found a company interested in giving Gary a work trial.

Delighted, he has now commenced his trial in supported employment as a production assistant two days per week. Not only has he welcomed his new lifestyle but Gary’s family has reported a spike in positive attitude. They are astounded by his progress so far.

Helping a Cheerful Gary Achieve His Goals

Rebecca is continuing to work alongside Gary, educating him on independent travel via public transport, and to gain confidence and further build new work and life skills.

At Skilled Health, our Sydney-based Allied Health team work collaboratively so that individuals of all ages can live life to the full. Take the first step to independence and connect with us on 1300 970 970 or browse our website to discover the services Skilled Health has to offer.

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