FirstCare: Person Centred Approach


We listen to stories!

We value people!

Our person-centred approach is at the heart of what we do, remembering always that

‘I AM A PERSON’ who is ….














FirstCare is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity in Australia providing a range of support services to support those living in our community with mental illness and disabilities.

We believe in making a difference, ensuring our service users feel like the valuable members of the community they are, sharing in opportunities provided by the community.

Our passion lies in a holistic approach to person-centeredness, inclusivity, relationships, aspirations, humility, supports, the future, goal-setting, making a choice, and facilitating our service users to make their plans become a reality.

Putting your care and wellbeing first…

Our services and programs are many and varied:

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support Services is run by our team of forensic psychologists and behaviour support practitioners and supports individuals who have disabilities, mental illness, drug and alcohol related (and other) dependencies. It includes plans, strategies, training, mentoring, and remedial strategies designed to encourage positive behaviour and reduce concerning ones for participants and their significant other/s.

Centre-based Group Activities (Lifestyle Centre Activities)

Centre-based group activities provide social support, recreation, activity-based programs, group day outings and daily living skills. Our lifestyle centres are spread across the greater Sydney area and have a great range of activities and flexible programs.

Community Participation

Community-based programs and activities ensure that people have access to information and services that can lead to informed decisions, maximised choices and greater as well as more meaningful community relations.

Drop-in Support

Drop in support enables people to continue living in their preferred living arrangements, whether home or other accommodation.

Early Childhood

This program prioritises choice, participation, integration of services and meaningful support networks. Understanding available support services is vital in early childhood to enhance development and future outcomes.

Employment: Transition to Work

Guiding our service users through the exciting process of entering the workforce, we encouraging individual career aspirations and equip our service users to reach and accomplish their professional goals.

Support Coordination

FirstCare Support Coordination places the person at the centre of decision making and enables them the flexibility of navigating their goals and aspirations. We promote positive and meaningful experiences and connect people to a range of service providers based on their individual needs and goals.

Family and Caregiver Support

Understanding the diverse needs of families and caregivers of people living with mental illness and disabilities, FirstCare delivers support and enhances the wellbeing of both service users and their support people.

Health and Well-being Support Centres

Our centres prioritise individualised health and wellbeing support, including assessment, providing information and programs that enable people to live a healthier and happier life.

ICare mobility

Private and professional transportation services facilitate social connectedness, access to community and workplace activities, and increasing independence in using public transport and various transit options.

Individual Support

Provided one-to-one, experienced and reliable staff offer individual support.

Recreation Support

Keeping fit, learning new skills, meeting new friends and collaborating, our programs are fun for everyone and ensure social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Supported Independent Living

Creating safe, inclusive and cohesive home environments for our service users, encouraging each individual to utilise their skills to increase independence and reach their potential.

Vacation Care

Offering a range of activities, excursions, international and national trips to ensure holiday cheer by linking our service users to different stakeholders. Creating fond memories and providing tailor-made opportunities and experiences for personal growth.

Youth Support Network

Offering a range of support services and networks to assist youth in progressing through lifestyle transitions and overcoming potential barriers.

Improved Relationships

Putting care and wellbeing first, FirstCare collaborates with the service users to develop strategies that help them understand and manage lifestyle choices that may impact their lives negatively.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Programs

Comprising of programs and services specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Sister Girls Program

Designed for women who have completed the eight week residential program and are interested in further behavioural skill development to prevent relapse and prepare for more in-depth therapeutic work.

At FirstCare, our services are unique. We respect the fact that our service users are also unique, capable of making their own decisions and that they, themselves, are their own experts.  We embrace the professional values of the person-centred approach:

  • Little steps
  • Big impact
  • Making a difference
  • Increasing independence
  • Growing into confident adults
  • Finding education and work experience
  • Supporting social and recreational activities
  • Strengthening family and community networks
  • Exploring and participating in research and development pathways
  • Facilitating a sense of belonging and feeling worthy
  • Providing advocacy and support for people with special needs

Find out more on our website, or call 1300 552 110, or email to discover how we can support you.